Prelude Productions


Artistic Representations and Productions.

We accept submissions from artists, including O1 and P1 Visa Sponsorships. Please note: Your credentials will be verified and confirmed.


Prelude Productions is an independent representative of music
venues, dance performances, theatre and films, graphic design and art shows


We represent artists of all artistic genres, and from all around the world.

And we're committed to assisting aspiring musicians, dancers, actors, theatre and film directors, dancers, and other professional entertainers in the industry.


NAICS Code 711410: Agent for Artists, Musicians, Actors, Writers, Entertainers and Athletes.



As of As of August 2017, the USCIS Vermont Service Center process I 129 O-1 visas within 9 weeks.


Abraxas live at The Stone, NYC. August 19-20, 2017

Bennighove's Hangmen at the Bayonne Music Festival. September 9, 2017

Crazy Slavic Band at the tzadik Music Festival, NYC, November 2012

9 Volt at Bridge St. Theatre, CT

Hypercolor at The Stone, New York City.

International Artists


We are always looking for new talents.

If qualified, we may be able interested to sponsor you for O-1 Artist Visa to the United States as your and your employers' representative.

We work with the best O1 Visa specialists and lawyers.

We also sponsor O-1A visas for individuals with an extraordinary ability in the sciences, education, business, or athletics.


WHY BEING SPONSORED BY US? Our advantage is this: if your current employer is your petitioner, and they stop to employ you, you may have to leave the US.

On the other hand, if you are sponsored by us, you may be able to stay in the US and continue working for a different employer / job / gig in your field, since we are your agent (represnetative) petitioner, and not employer petitioner.


O1 Visa FAQ

More about O1 sponsor - click here.

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or contact us at 212.717 2049

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Great agent-artist releationship"

by David Jackson

Superb concerts and top-notch productions"

by Tom Sam

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