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PLEASE NOTE: If you, or your ensemble/band have an active and successful career as a musician,artist or performer - you may qualify for an P1 Artist Visa.


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P1-B Visa for Entarintainment Groups, Touring Musicians, Bands, Ensembles, Dancers, Artists and Performers.


The P-1B visa applies to those foreign nationals who are coming to the United States temporarily to perform with or is an integral part of an entertainment group that is internationally recognized as outstanding for a sustained and substantial period of time.  P-1B beneficiaries must show:
The group has been  internationally recognized for a sustained and substantial period of time;
That 75% of the group members have had a sustained and substantial relationship with the group for one year.


Q:  Do I need a visa?

A:   If you want to work as a musician in the USA (i.e. playing gigs, concerts, recording, composing, teaching, etc) you must have a valid work visa. Musicians and artists generally prefer O1 visa, which allow them to work in various engagements and not be limited to one employer.


Q: Am I qualified for an P1 artist visa? 

A:   If you have an active career as a musician in your home country or in the USA, and you have never been illegally present in the USA, you may qualify.Please send us your resume and a list of your professional achievements, so we can assess your qualification for the visa.



Q: How do I get started with the application?


A: First, you need to find an agent to represent and petition for you. Second, you need a professional immigration attorney and experts that will prepare and oversee the petition process. 

    Prelude Productions offers both services.  If we choose to work with you, we can sponsor your visa. More importantly, we have experienced visa specialists and attorneys with expertise in the O1 and P1 visa petitions and process that can recognize your expertise and highlight your relevant qualifications to strengthen your application.



Q:  Are there any fees involved in the visa application?

A:   Yes, as in any legal process. The fees include USCIS filing fee, attorney’s fee, and visa preparation/representation fee. The good news is that our rates are one of the lowest in the nation.






Q:  Can I change my status from tourist to P1 or O1?


A:   Only if you entered the USA with a tourist visa, and did not have any intentions of working here before you entered, you may change your status to O1 or P1. If you entered without a visa, using the visa waiver program, which is available to many European nationalities, you cannot change your status to O1 or P1 and will have to leave the USA while your petition is processed.



Q:  For how long can the P1 visa be valid?

A:   The P1 visa can last up to 1 year with valid sponsorship.




Q: Can I complete to petition process even if I am not in the New York area, or even not in the USA? 

A:  Yes. 



Q: I already have a lawyer who prepares my petition, but no employer or sponsor. Can Prelude Productions become my sponsor


A:  Yes. Once we deem you qualified we will be happy to sponsor you for the O1 or P1 visas. On the other hand, we can prepare your petition if you already have a sponsor. Please bear in mind that it will probably cost you less if you have us as your sponsor and the preparer for your petition. 



Q: How long will it take for my application to be processed by the USCIS? 

A:   Approximately 2-3 weeks as of May 2012.


Q: I have more questions. Can I contact you directly?


A: Definitely. Please email us to with any questions regarding your situation, qualifications, O1 or P1-B visa sponsorship and legal petition procedures.






Q: Can a tourist who entered the US under the Visa waiver Program can change their status to O-1 or P1?


A: No. They must leave the US in order to petition for their O-1 or P-1 Visas. On the other hand, a tourist who entered the US with a tourist visa, is allowed to change their status to O1 or P1..








The contents of this page are provided for general information only. Information has been greatly condensed from our various immigration related sources but should not be relied upon for legal purposes.

If you need further information, we would encourage you to contact us directly and to seek the advice of our immigration attorney and staff.


Our Spectrum of Services to our Represented Artists


Artist representation

Services regarding an artist visa

  • Optional O1 visa Sponsoring for qualified artists
  • O1 Visa portfolio preperation and Visa Petition to the USCIS (DHS)


  • Please contact us for any question, and to find out about our O1 visa sponsorship.We would love to hear from you.
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O1 Artist Visa updates

Updated to February 22, 2012

O1 visa is being approved in about 3 calendar weeks

It is important to include your Itinerary, as well as exact income from each engagement

Musicians can obtain the written consulatation from the American federation of Musicians, if they qualify.

Dancers should obtain their written consulatation from AGMA

The Director's Guilad, and Actor's Guild, require a detailed contract for their written consultation letter.

You may receive the visa stamp at your embassy without the original I-797 Approval Notice, thanks to the PIMS system.

Our artists were always approved their O-1 artist visa.

  • We successfully petitioned for musicians, dancers, writers and athletes.

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