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Regarding O1 visa sponsor requirements - 2011 update:


For artists, it is recommended to have a sponsoring company who is an agent, since artists generally need to work with multiple employers / gigs/ projects / etc. However, the USCIS may ask evidence to prove that the petitioner is an established company or agent. Only an established company, such as Prelude Productions and its affiliates, was able to provide the necessary details and become qualified as an illegible sponsor.


For example, few months ago the USCIS had few general concerns about a sponsor when asking for Further Evidence:


Submit evidence that establishes the financial status of the United States organization.


Provide complete copies of the U.S. entity’s bank statements for, the month prior to filing, the months of February 2011.


Provide Company’s State registration copy as an LLC company


We have successfully established a sufficient evidence for its eligibility as an O1 sponsor and petitioner as an agent. As a result, All our petitions have been approved by the USCIS.

We accept submissions from artists, including O1 Visa Sponsorship.

NAICS Code 711410: Agent for Artists, Musicians, Actors, Writers, Entertainers and Athletes.



Cheyenne Jackson - Actor. New productions -2013

Crazy Slavic Band at the tzadik Music Festival, NYC, November 2012

9 Volt at Bridge St. Theatre, CT

Parsons Dance with the East Village Opera Company, New Orleans

Director Jim Hague - new upcoming production

Hypercolor at Orwell, New York City.

Art: Caetano de Almeida at Eleven Rivington, Lower East Side, NYC.

Battery Dance Company, 30th Annual Downtown Dance festival, New York City.

Scott Alan at Birdland

Alan Hampton's Parts and Pieces at Jazz Gallery

Oliver Lake Big Band, Jazz Gallery

Scott Alan at Birdland, 2011


International Artists


We are always looking for new talents.

If qualified, we may be able interested to sponsor you for O-1 Artist Visa to the United States.

We work with the best O1 Visa specialists.

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by David Jackson

Superb concerts and top-notch productions"

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